Are you ready to blow up your business with a truly atomic offer?


An easy-to-follow step-by-step masterclass with all the tools and resources you need to implement your own micro offer as quickly as possible.

What 's Included ?



The Problem You Solve

Get crystal clear about the problem you solve and who you solve it for so that you can truly stand out as the most obvious solution in your market.


Your Million Dollar Map

A massively atomic offer starts with the bigger picture in mind. Gain completely clarity on your bigger picture and create an atomic offer that aligns with your higher offers so that you can easily leverage your leads to sell out your higher priced courses and programs.


Your Atomic Offer

We will quickly flesh out your Micro Offer Funnel Strategy and make sure you are positioned for maximum passive profit potential


Quick Product Creation

Just because your micro offer is packed with value doesn’t mean it needs to take your months to create. In this module we will show you exactly how to quickly create your micro offer products in as little as 2 days.


Fantastically Easy Funnels

In this module we do a deep dive into exactly what you need to say and include in your funnel. There are exact PDFs of our funnel templates with thorough walk throughs so that you can easily build your own high converting micro offer funnel. We include step by step copy and sales video walk throughs. There is no guess work here!


Sales That Soar

In this module we go DEEP into all the you need to know to successfully set up, test and optimize Facebook Ads for Atomic Offers.


Easy Organic Traffic

In this module we walk through how you can use intentional organic strategies to to start your selling journey or enhance your paid traffic strategies.

Atomic Offers also includes…

Daily Action Plans + Check Lists

Every step you need to take to launch a successful Atomic Offer is broken down in very doable bite sized pieces. We suggest what you should be working on every single day for the next 12 weeks and even give you checklists for each week so that you know when you are ready to move on.

Copy Creation Workbook

We know that not everyone is a copy expert but this book will make you sound like one! These templates explain exactly what you need to accomplish in each section of your funnel and breaks it down with really easily fill in the blank copy. We even include real life examples.

Funnel Templates

Fill in your copy work book, download one of these easily customizable funnel templates and quickly build your micro offer funnel. We include a click funnel template, and other resources to make it easy to build with the funnel builder of your choice.

Easy Email Sequences

The fortune’s in the follow up! Let’s make sure your email sequence is set up for sales! With these email sequence swipe files you can easily customize and win your audience over.

Product Mockup Templates

The highest converting Micro Offers all have something in common. TANGIBLE VALUE. The best way to communicate tangible value is with product mockups! We include a handful of easily customizable mock up templates so you can make sure your audience understands how valuable your offer is.

High Traffic Templates

Facebook cover and featured image templates you can easily customize to increase traffic to your micro offers


Only Available Until The Time Runs Out:

To ensure that you have every chance of success with the value packed program we are going to also pull out the following stops if you take action QUICKLY!

What Are Others Saying About Us...

Who is this for?

Atomic Offers is for coaches and consultants, course creators and service based business owners who are looking for powerful ways to generate a list of highly targeted leads who are actually interested in what they have to offer and generate some substantial passive profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We had exactly ZERO people on our list getting started and in just a few short weeks we had hundreds and hundreds of people on our list. No list necessary…you’ll quickly build one!

We will talk you through all kinds of ideas and you’ll have the mastermind to bounce ideas off of each other.

We started our Facebook Campaigns on about $20 a day. It’s not optimal to do things this way but we get it. After you start making sales we will help you increase your budget efficiently.

Don’t be! We’ve got you. We include complete tech walk through videos and you can ask any questions you need in the Facebook group. If you are just really really stuck you can hire our team by the hour to help you get unstuck.

Perfect! This program is software agnostic. We will walk you through the tech set up and you can use the software you love.

You can test drive our proprietary software we designed with this very strategy in mind. 

Who are we anyways?

Hi there!

We are Bonnie and Dustin Randle. Twelve of the last 13.5 years we’ve been married we’ve been business partners. We’ve done A LOT wrong but also a lot right and managed to navigate our way into the business of our dreams. Specifically, in the last 4 years we’ve used 5 Day Challenges and Micro Offers to build a multiple 6 figure info product, agency services and coaching business.

Bonnie spent several years working as a copy editor and then marketing associate and is an educator at heart and loves demystifying complex marketing and business growth strategies. Her business besties tell her she is an implementation specialist. Dustin owns and operates a full-service software and app development business and there isn’t a technical problem he or his highly talented team haven’t been able to solve. His real passion lies in making technology simple for the rest of us. We are truly passionate about seeing other entrepreneurs thrive with the right strategies and situations and our individual strengths and experiences make us quite the unique coaching team.

These days you’ll find us fully embracing our location independent lifestyle, planning routes across the country and creating life long memories with our kiddos.

We are small business owners just like you. We understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a program. We are extremely proud of the products we create and know that anyone who buys them and implements the strategies and uses the tools we’ve included will be thrilled with their purchase.

But if you’re not 100% satisfied with the Atomic Offer program and you let us know within 7 days we will offer you a full refund.

That means you can enroll today, take the full 7 days to explore the materials, get to know us a litte better and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

Lets Recap.. Here Is Every Thing You Get

Atomic Offers Masterclass $1997 Value

Daily Action Plans + Checklists $597 Value

Copy Creation Workbook $297 Value

Funnel Templates $997 Value

Magic Numbers $97 Value

Product Mockup Templates $97 Value

Micro Offer Funnel Email Sequences $397 Value

Organic Traffic Assets $97 Value

AND These Four Bonuses When You Join Before the Timer Ends

Professionally Designed Product Mockups $497 Value
Reviews with Bonnie & Dustin $497 Value
Atomic Offer Swipe File $197 Value
Facebook Ads for Atomic Offers Swipe File $197 Value

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Fast action bonuses only available for the first 24 hours!